Kylie Video QR Codes

Kylie Minogue’s latest video All the Lovers contains fleeting images of QR Codes (images below). At the begining of the video we see a falling coffee cup with a QR Code then a falling bottle of milk with a QR Code. These are quickly followed by falling sugar lumps and a QR Code image. It seems that it was never intended for the QR Codes to be scanned and it looks like the producer has missed a trick. (+1 hour, @spelchec (Tom Olson) has reconstructed the coffee cup QR Code in Gimp and it scans as ‘LOVE’).

Kylie video QR Code on a coffee cup


Kylie video QR Code on a milk bottle


Kylie video sugar lumps with QR Code


5 thoughts on “Kylie Video QR Codes”

  1. What a shame – so many possibilities for e.g. download of extra songs – extra material – behind the video scenes, interview with Kylie. I can go on and on. Hopefully someone else will see the endless possibilities and try it out

  2. Another great idea would be to utilize the QR Codes to be almost like VH1’s Pop Up Video with Fun Facts of Kylie (even though her music has never done anything for me)… Like the idea of bonus footage though!

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