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Kuoni UK is using QR Codes in their latest newspaper ad marketing campaign (image below). Readers are invited to “Scan this code with your iPhone”. Doing so takes the user to the iPhone App Store and the option to download the Kuoni iPhone app. Forget for a moment that the app is very ordinary and has no booking functionality (if you do happen to select an offer you will be given a choice of redirection to a call centre or the main website). The real question is why would a major brand want to alienate Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and all other smartphone users? Also shouldn’t a mobile version of your website be the first step in your mobile marketing strategy? (Full Press Release).

Kuoni newspaper advertisement with a QR Code

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  1. We’ve done our research and the majority of our mobile site traffic is from iPhones. Far from wanting to alienate other smartphone users, we just saw this as a good place to start. If the iPhone app is popular, we will start talks for an android app.

    In response to the question of developing a mobile version of the website, we are also reviewing our plans in this area. The reason we have chosen to develop an app first is because it was quicker and more cost effective to bring an app to market than a full blown mobile site.

    It is also important to remember the types of holidays we sell. With an average price of over £3000 and the more complex nature of many of our holidays and destinations, most of our customers prefer to discuss their plans with one of our Personal Travel Experts who are widely travelled and have all the best technological tools at their fingertips.

    The Kuoni iPhone app features offers which are updated daily, country overviews and facts, authentic experiences and travel features. We’re proud of our app and look forward to developing it further!

  2. @Kuoni UK

    Thank you for posting your iPhone app’s raison d’etre.

    All moderately active non-mobile websites in the UK have more iPhone visitors than other mobile devices.

    Because of this and the fact (as you say) that developing an iPhone app is easier and cheaper than building a fully functional mobile site, you are not alone in choosing the path that you have.

    However you will find that when you eventually have a fully functional mobile site (quite soon I hope!) then ALL your mobile visitors can have a good Kuoni experience.

    A mobile strategy without a mobile site gives the majority of mobile users a poor experience of your brand, no matter how many unexceptional apps you make available.

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