Ketchup QR Code

The back of Heinz Ketchup restaurant bottles will feature a QR Code celebrating the first ever recyclable PET plastic beverage bottle made partially from plants (images below). The QR Code resolves to a mobile site where 1 of 57 eco-friendly prizes, including a grand prize of a hybrid or electric sedan, can be won by answering a green knowledge trivia question. Coca-Cola who own the Heinz brand says that in 2010 the PlantBottle™ packaging eliminated 30K metric tons of carbon dioxide from their company PET plastic bottles.

QR Code on the back label of a bottle of ketchup
The new QR Coded PlantBottle from Heinz

5 thoughts on “Ketchup QR Code”

  1. This is a fantastic move on behalf of Heinz! I saw this bottle at Texas Roadhouse and was blown away with their innovative use of QR codes, the motivating call to action on the bottle itself and their commitment to being “green” Great stuff

  2. Perfect QR Code Promo! I have been trying to promote QR Codes to businesses here in Sydney Australia. This is a great way to prove the benefit of using QR’s to generate leads and loyalty!

    Love the articel, thanks a heap, I needed this. Too bad I can’t enter the competition. *Runs off to check the pantry*

    Paul Thomas – Australia

  3. You don’t see many of those – an International business using QR Codes effectively! Nicely done, Heinz.

    On a side note, I think we can stop using the word ‘innovative’ now 😉

  4. Another example of companies pandering to what society thinks is important, they don’t care about the environment but we do so they make bottles that make it look like they do.

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