Keg Manager Press Release

International Beer Keg Identification Standard, Utilizing a Two Dimensional Barcode for Breweries around the world, is introduced by KEG MANAGER

April 7, 2009 – San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Keg Manager Datamatrix codeKEG MANAGER, an International beer keg logistics company, announced today that it is implementing an identification standard in the Craft Beer industry. KEG MANAGER is utilizing the DataMatrix 2Dimensional Barcode – an open source code that improves the efficiency and visibility globally of supply and demand chains, across all business sectors.
KEG MANAGER’S identification criteria includes the size of the printed label or etching, the inclusion of human readable information, and code contrast. The keg identification numbering includes (a) Keg Owner, (b) Keg Manufacturer, (c) ID number assigned by the Brewery, (d) Keg Type, and (e) year of Keg manufacturer. This criteria provides for the capture of keg identification anywhere in the world.

KEG MANAGER has established a CODE CONTROL system to oversee the use of the 2D standard codes in the brewery industry. The code format is illustrated at

The one inch size of the DataMatrix code allows for the reading of the beer keg identification information using a camera cell phone. The camera cell phone is replacing expensive barcode readers at remote locations. A camera cell phone allows any person anywhere to record the beer keg location and status. Keg Manager provides a downloadable program for reading the Keg ID and automatic transfer of information to the brewery owner. If a camera cell phone user does not have the Keg Manager code scanner in their phone, then they can use the NeoReader code reader program. The NeoReader program is available free on many web sites and the iPhone APP library. The NeoReader is used around the world on more types of handsets than any other code reader. The DataMatrix code was chosen because is typically used for business applications across the planet.

Identification Implementation is starting in the Craft Beer industry with breweries preparing to attach DataMatrix labels to existing keg inventory. A world leader in comprehensive keg systems and services for the beverage industry, is preparing to include the Keg Manager identification standard on new kegs from their production process.


KEG MANAGER is an asset tracking company whose location and tracking technology based on camera cell phone pictures is based on a patented process. Management of KEG MANAGER include individuals from the Keg Management industry, RFID industry, and Application Programming. Based in San Luis Obispo, California, KEG MANAGER provides FLOAT information to Breweries, based on the constant location information of all the kegs in the Brewery inventory. Software, technical advice and support are provided to KEG MANAGER by Bowinner USA, Inc. of Fremont, California.
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