5 thoughts on “Kanye West QR Code in Chicago”

  1. First of all, thanks Roger for this addition to your website. My name is Evan Olson, and I work for the company that is doing the above solutions.

    Our QR Code solutions not only allows for people to scan, but you can also take a picture with your cell, email or MMS it to an email address, and get the content sent back. This requires no scanner download.

    Feel free to get in touch to discuss.

    312-752-4348 ext 703


  2. I can’t get this to scan with any readers on Iphone4. It’s great that you can decode without a reader but any phone that can’t download a reader sucks anyway.

    I totally missed this on your blog, Roger. Kanye West is a great artist to endorse QR codes (futuristic) and I would love to see him do more with them.

    Disappointing that the code doesn’t scan. Evan Olson, I would not be proud of this 🙁

    Anyway, we (Tappinn) got a QR code on Danica Patrick’s NASCAR for a race in October . I will have more for you soon. It will be the FIRST QR code on a race car. BOOM!

    Tappinn.com BEYOND the CODE

  3. Evan,

    Welcome to the QR community. I wish the best for you and ViralMesh.

    Do you have any statistics to share about how people accessed the code? via 1. qr scan 2. MMS 3. sms ?

    Good luck with your future QR projects. Or, I guess you could scan anything if you are MMSing, no?


  4. Nick,
    Nice job with with NASCAR. Regarding Evan’s code – it’s not working for me (i think because of the low contrast). I can see that the code was tinted grey. This reduces contrast, perhaps enough to hinder utility.

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