JCPenney Gets QR Codes

In an initial trial in sixteen participating JCPenney stores (in the Houston area) customers will be able to download and carry QR Coded coupons on their mobile phones. These can be scanned directly from the phone’s display screen at the register and the appropriate discount applied. The coupons will be available via Web and mobile advertising and also directly via email and SMS to members of JCPenney’s JCP Rewards program. Also customers who have downloaded Cellfire will have access to the same coupons on their cell phones.

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1 thought on “JCPenney Gets QR Codes”

  1. The biggest issue at this point is that 2D codes can’t be read by he older POS laser scanners in many retailers today. This means in order to integrate into their current POS system they have to in many cases upgrade to new scanners which can be an expensive proposition. But is is just a matter of time until this becomes the standard means to get coupons while in store

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