Designer QR Code For The Japan Tsunami Appeal

Japan Neko the Japanese language search engine and online cat (yes cat not chat!) community has commissioned SET to create a designer QR code (image below) to enhance their Red Cross online charity campaign outside of Japan. Japan Neko has partnered with the British and Japanese Red Cross to raise funds for the Japan Tsunami relief fund. The designer QR code incorporates the brand’s ‘Neko’ character with the Red Cross logo and resolves to the Japan Tsunami Appeal page of the British Red Cross website. Boxes have been placed in the main embassies in London for the offline campaign.

Designer QR Code for the Red Cros Japan Tsunami relief fund
Collecting box for the Japan Tsunami relief fund

2 thoughts on “Designer QR Code For The Japan Tsunami Appeal”

  1. The cute design is neat and all, but it reduces the number of qr readers that will successfully be able to decode it. “QR droid” for example isn’t able to decode this successfully, although I was able to decode this with google goggles.

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