Iron Man Gets a QR Code

Nick Ford at Tappinn sent over this cool poster (image below) advertising the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie. The QR Code resolves to a mobile site with photos, trailers and information about the film.

Iron Man 2 poster with a QR Code

4 thoughts on “Iron Man Gets a QR Code”

  1. Noticed this poster at a bus stop here in Sydney Australia however disappointingly the QR code wasn’t included – instead they opted for a version that offered to send the trailer for the film via Bluetooth.

    This I suspect was because it seems very few people in Australia could even tell you what a QR code was let alone what to do with it – implementation into media here has been painstakingly slow. That said, I’m curious why the agency didn’t choose to use both QR and Bluetooth…

  2. Always nice to see a stylish use of a qrcode instead of just tossing out a black block in the middle of an otherwise colorful picture.

    And even though its two years since this poster was made, the site is still up, which is amazing.

  3. @Digital Fruit – Thanks for the compliment. The actual UX for IRONMAN II has been over for quite awhile. You can see it on YouTube still… A lot of people liked the experience more than the poster. Considering it was done in 2010 – I think it was ahead of its time. But, after the campaign was over, we were in an interesting quandary because we did not want to just “pull the plug”. So, until last week, it has been pointing to the I2 trailer on YouTube – not so great.
    Now, we are using PRINT2D’s Barcode Parking(TM) program to deal with the end of the campaign in a more meaningful way. It is simple, but it is important. Please see for more information about this original hosting feature from PRINT2D.

    Philip Warbasse

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