iQR is the New QR Code

QR Code inventor’s Denso Wave have developed a successor they have called iQR. The new 2d barcode was created at the request of the industrial market for a code with a higher data capacity, printable is a smaller space and working in a rectangular format. iQR has an 80% higher data capacity and for the equivalent data is 30% smaller. Also the new code can be used in a rectangular format for printing in narrow spaces or on cylindrical products. Denso see the primary applications in the car and aviation industries and are planning a full ISO standard specification. Like the QR Code they also plan to make the specification available and in the public domain for use by anyone free of charge, subject to Trademark (77576894). At the moment there are only two industrial Denso readers that can decipher iQR and they are used in the Japanese market. I doubt very much that iQR will ever be used for marketing purposes but it is interesting to know that Denso has not been standing still.

Denso Wave's new QR Code
iQR in rectangular format

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  1. Actually, iQR has been around for a while now. The development of iQR codes is supported in the current version of Denso’s QRdraw software. You can get a demo version at Robert is indeed correct in that you won’t see this extension of QR codes in this country anytime soon. Keep in mind that it’s not what you can get into a QR code, it’s all about the content that is driven by a QR code. Some people will want the rectangular footprint but they shouldn’t expect this anytime soon.

  2. Could someone explain the conflict between the post claiming this is “public domain,” and the VitreoQR claim that they are the sole and exclusive provider of this in the U.S.?

    I concur that the indirect/proprietary pseudo-QR platforms (codes that can’t be read with a generic QR reader but which require a proprietary app) would love to use iQR — and, perhaps they should, as a visual indicator that this is NOT a generic QR code?

    It doesn’t seem like it would take much for a Reader upgrade to handle this code? And anything with a smaller footprint is going to be attractive to advertising Creatives who generally loathe the square QR format.

  3. So is Denso becoming more like Microsoft ?

    I feel like I have spent the last 3 years arguing for a standardization and support of QR, and then they announce a new format.

    Fun UX challenges.

    Patrick. QrArts

  4. iQR is NOT the “NEW” QR. For crying out loud, we haven’t scratched the surface with what we already have. iQR is the replacement for QR codes in the role they originally played in manufacturing. iQR has been around for more than three years. iQR will not be available for smart phones to decode in the fore seeable future. There was no announcement from Denso. There is no “NEW”standard. Put out the fire, this isn’t news.

  5. @Michael, the question is, if this is available as an open source alternative to “old QR,” will developers glom onto it and introduce it to the consumer-level marketplace?

    I can see App Developers preferring the smaller format. I can see consumer packaging designers preferring it.

    And, if the top 5 QR Readers are upgraded to resolve these, then, it too will be in the consumer marketplace.

    If it’s open-sourced or avail via something similar then the cats out of the bag and we’ll start seeing these in public spaces, whether it confounds or confuses the public doesn’t seem to be an issue for many developers.

  6. Hello at all,
    we are representing Denso Wave in Europe as part of the Toytoa Group and currently I’m in touch with Denso Wave in Japan to provide you with more information about the iQR code.
    Basically we are working on it to make the iQR code available in the same way like the QR code.
    For your first reference I like to point you to the GS1 Japan page were you can fin some more information at the end of the presentation:

    I will keep you updated

    Best regards

    Toyota Tsusho ID Systems

  7. I agree with Alison Richards. standard qr codes are barely even known in the US, & now they have another standard?

  8. The (standard) QR code has been quite successful in Japan and the reader is pretty standard on the smartphones available there. However the best use for Matrix code (QR code, DataMatrix, Aztec) is in the industrial/healthcare sectors. Those applications need to be able to put identifying marks on every kind of surface on all kinds of items. The presentation even showed dot-peening of a 5 digit iQR code on a pipe of some kind.

    As a producer of these kinds of Matrix codes and the requirement to retrofit them to tiny flat areas on products, I’m glad that QR codes are beginning to recognize the vital need for these kinds of updates. Yes, it will take time to be incorporated into our printers and scanners, but it has to start somewhere.

    If you don’t have a restricted space to put your data, then you probably won’t need these. If you DO, then iQR and other updates can be a big help.


  9. QR code can put in more information than iQR.
    The main reason behind this iQR should be to use in cylinder shape tiny things like cable and small pipe. Because if we put QR code on it, it becomes hard to scan. but if we put this kind of long iQR on it, its easy to scan.
    For your info, DENSO WAVE also introduced another code called “SQRC” this is a security qr code. You can hide some info in this code and only some models from DENSO WAVE scanner can read and get the hidden data.
    I pretty sure iQR will not replace the usage of QR code in market. Cuz QR code already has another baby type called MicroQR.
    More confuse? 😛

  10. I would really like to try the iQR but I’m not paying $10 just to see if it’s what I need. I’d really like to see VitreoQR offer a REAL free trial.

  11. Need details for the “IQR code Library to generate the Rectangular Type” in ASP.NET………..

  12. Is it possible to get more information about the iQR-Code (eg. the capacity of each rectangle type) or rather from where could I get further information?

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