Google Shows QR Codes for iPhone YouTube Users

If you are using an iPhone to access Mobile YouTube the chances are you will now see an option to generate a QR Code, between ‘Share Video’ and ‘Add to Playlist’. Cristian Contini brought this to my attention (thank you Cristian) and he tells me by email that the link does not appear if you use a Mac, a PC or a Nokia N95.

I was able to reproduce his iPhone results on my PC (see below) by spoofing the iPhone user agent with the Firefox extension ‘User Agent Switcher’.

In this example the QR Code decodes to a standard YouTube url

YouTube screenshot showing QR Code link
YouTube generated QR Code

3 thoughts on “Google Shows QR Codes for iPhone YouTube Users”

  1. Can somebody point me into the right direction here? What is the point in this?

    I am relatively new to 2d barcodes, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. @Florian One of the ways I have seen this used is to share the url. The QR Code displayed on the screen was simply scanned by another mobile device.

  3. Thank you!
    This makes some sense.

    Although the iPhone is one of the few devices that have the ability to share links very quickly … I was a little confused.

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