A Better iPhone QR Code Reader?

Qrafter is a brand new and very interesting QR Scanner app for the iPhone. Claimed to be very fast with the following embedded functionality; web browser, map browser, send SMS, send e-mail, contact addition, event addition and Twitter integration. What I find interesting is that Qrafter has extended the range of information that can be extracted from the QR Code it scans; webpage and bookmark urls, map urls, raw geographical coordinates, vCard, meCard, vCalendar event, Tweets, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, YouTube video urls, Wi-Fi network, BlackBerry Messenger PINs, Android Market searches and of course plain text.

If you try it out please leave a comment below and let 2d-code readers know what you think.

13 thoughts on “A Better iPhone QR Code Reader?”

  1. When capturing a fresh QR with the camera it’s very fast indeed, probably the fastest of the five dozen or more iPhone apps I’ve tested.

    It also performs very favorably in terms of how still you need to hold the iPhone to achieve capture; in this case, not very still at all.

    The large button for the “Scan with Camera” option on the main screen was a good design decision.

    The biggest drawback is the lack of an option to automatically open scanned URLs, either with a webview pane or in mobile Safari. But one extra tap isn’t that off-putting.

    In short, this one gets a place in my folder of first-choice QR apps, and deserves a spot on any list of “Best QR Scanners”.

  2. I recently learned of Qrafter and think very highly of it. It works well and chances are that it will go into the 2DGO platform after we have a chance to thoroughly test.

    I was chatting with Nick Ford and we both think more applications like Qrafter need to be available for Blackberry.

    I love the web page QR Code extractor idea – which can also be found on Mobile Tag’s Reader application.


  3. Hi people,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    @AwayBBL, the bbm: tag is scanned just for informational purposes. It’s better than showing the user a meaningless plain text.

    @Jay, Qrafter 1.1 will have a setting called “Scan and Go” for one click scanning and navigating.

  4. Nice review, I’ll add it to my arsenal of scanners. I wonder, are there any that allow “Offline” scanning? That is, if I wanted to capture a link or info and send it to a folder or file shared on say Dropbox or Notesy for later reference.

  5. Ah, great! Oh, I tried the “Scan from a photo in the camera’s library” today today on job we’re printing and it worked really REALLY amazingly well! Every bit as fast as a “normal” scan, which was impressive.

  6. Thank you Steve.

    v1.2 is finished and its internal web browser has a feature even Apple’s own Safari does not have, so it should be a real hit. I’ll submit it in a few days to Apple.

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