UK Embassy In Beijing Decorated With A QR Code

There were two interesting QR Code related slides (images below) in Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends presentation at the D11 conference earlier today. The first shows a large QR Code on the wall of the UK Embassy in China that resolves to the Embassy’s Weibo Account. (More about Weibo QR Codes). The second slide shows the year on year fourfold increase in QR Code scanning in China. Major uses are: Passcode – Coupons, Rewards, Tickets, Check-ins, etc. (42%), Promotions – Billboard Advertising, etc. (33%) and Information – Nutrition Info, Business Card Exchange, etc. (22%). QR Codes for payment account for only 3% of scans.

UK Embassy in Beijing QR Code
QR Code use in China

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