Instant Voucher System for Newsagents

2nDimension is rolling out its Instant Voucher System (IVS) with up to 4500 news retailers in the north west of England.

Nowadays every newspaper seems to have a voucher of some kind and newsagents spend a lot of time collecting them, itemizing them and sending them off for payment.

IVS uses a mobile phone’s camera and some patented software to scan vouchers that will now have a barcode.

When a customer brings a voucher into the shop, the ‘phone will read the barcode, check its validity against 2D’s live database and inform the retailer of its obligation to the customer. The retailer will then be paid promptly and directly into his bank account and the voucher redemption is registered.

The scanning takes less than 3 seconds and only requires a mobile telephone signal to work. It is extremely simple to use and all scans are traceable by both the retailer and 2nDimension.

David Atkins of 2nDimension says the 2d barcodes that are used are proprietary but “..we are able to read standard 2D barcodes with a software tweak”.

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