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The debut issue of Vancouver’s new monthly Hush Magazine is full of editorial QR Codes and QR Coded ads (images below). Because the majority of the codes are proprietary indirect QR Codes they require a unique reader from (in this case) Mobio, also based in Vancouver. Vancouverites who happen to use one of the hundred or so generic QR Code scanner apps will see only a text string such as m:8qWQ8s3t4 or m:yDQ21MWtI which makes for a bad user experience in my opinion. Probably not what you want for the first issue of a new magazine.

QR Codes in Hush magazineQR Code advertisements in Hush magazine

4 thoughts on “Hush Magazine QR Code Mix”

  1. Although I love m:yDQ21MWtI , I could see how other people might have an issue.

    I had a great talk with the Mobio team a while ago, and what they are doing with security + QR codes are very impressive. Unfortunately, by having the affordance of a normal QR code, with the requirement of a different reader. The issue is that if you have seen a QR reader, likely, you will not try and download a new reader – after all, you already have one. If you are a newby, there is no issue.

    I think Mobio has a different piece of the QR puzzle figured out, but right now the obvious need is problematic. I think their solution if reconfigured will be a powerful one when mobile commerce catches up, but right now its confusing. In my personal opionion.

  2. The proliferation of platforms introducing proprietary QR code/reader (proprietary indirect)will be the death of QR.

    Interesting how QR evangelists harp on MS Tag as being so awful, while reserving their opinions on these proprietary QR efforts which do far more harm to QR consumer adoption than any other distinctly proprietary barcode outside of the QR universe.

    This makes me wish QR were not open sourced and free.

  3. Hi Roger –

    As you’ve highlighted, we’ve partnered with HUSH in order to provide a secure and convenient data exchange and payment platform, through QR, to their readers. The capability of our platform gives HUSH, and its readers, significant capability beyond free generic QR codes. That said, we hear you! We are in the process of converting our string based QR codes to URL based QR codes in order to support ANY QR reader on the market, including the built in QR readers. This will give the reader a better experience, while still tying into our back end platform capabilities. Stay tuned – you’ll see the change coming soon.

    Mark Binns
    CMO, Mobio

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