Double Trouble QR Code

Large corporations putting QR Codes on product packaging is not new but the QR Code on these HP Deskjet 3070A Printer boxes photographed in a local PC World store by a 2d-code reader show what can go wrong. The box on the right has the QR Code obscured by a security tab but it doesn’t really matter because if you scan the code on the box on the left it resolves to a page with the error message: File name provided does not exist: HPFiles/CQ191B/CQ191B_gb_en.xml

HP printer boxes with ususable QR Code

5 thoughts on “Double Trouble QR Code”

  1. @Jorgen, I’ve spotted the difference between my URL and yours. If you examine the cc parameter in the URL, one reads &cc=uk whilst the other reads &cc=gb.

    It appears like they are using an IP address database library that returns the country code which is then used to construct the target URL. The library returns either UK or GB. The file to be shown to the user uses UK as part of its file name. This is why I’m getting “File name provided does not exist: HPFiles/CQ191B/CQ191B_gb_en.xml”.
    This is a minor bug with their code, but can affect some users.

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