HOW NOT TO: Create Your Own QR Codes

Mashable has a post titled “HOW TO: Create and Deploy Your Own QR Codes” which is supposed to be a step-by-step guide to creating a QR Code. There is nothing about deployment and the final step of the guide produces a QR Code (image below) that resolves as “Congratulations on your first child! Here’s a quick cartoon from Penny Arcade to share in your joy: “. Maybe they got the title wrong and it should have read “HOW NOT TO: Create Your Own QR Codes”. What do you think?

A QR Code of the worst kind

6 thoughts on “HOW NOT TO: Create Your Own QR Codes”

  1. In fairness, a few QR readers, on the iPhone at least, will automatically hyperlink the URL. But in general this approach is full of fail.

  2. Unfortunately, you have to look at the source of the information.

    The blog you mention are a “tech-light” kind of blog and rarely cover a topic in the detail needed to properly convey the correct information.

  3. Would it be possible for a clothing manufacturer say like the GAP to put a qr code on each product that allows people to then buy the clothes etc. Not the gimmick stuff you are seeing with tshirts but a new channel of purchasing items or learning more about them. Is there some limitation that would prevent the customer from clicking the qr and then being taken to the exact .mobi page to purchase the item?

  4. As photographers, I would like to know if there is a site that could create a QR code for us that would utilize one of our images or logo (maybe low opacity in the background) to further personalize/market our work with a QR code? I want to create a code but would LOVE one with our work on it, if at all possible. Thanks for any information you can give me!

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