Hotel Restaurant’s Menu QR Code

From today Radisson Edwardian Hotels restaurant menus will include a QR Code resolving to a page on the hotel’s website with a video showing the dish of the month being prepared by one of the hotel’s chefs. Personally I prefer last year’s implementation at the Ethiopian restaurant Mesob with its more informal style of video. However what may be even more interesting is a QR Code resolving to a webcam in the restaurant kitchen so you can watch the preparation of the actual dish you are about to eat. After all there are already lots of restaurants with an open kitchen why not use the available technology to make eating out even more interesting?

Radisson Edwardian Hotels restaurant menu

2 thoughts on “Hotel Restaurant’s Menu QR Code”

  1. Hey – thanks for the shout out on our QR code campaign! We love using QR codes to enhance the dining experience, taking it to a whole new level – and make sure they’re freshened up every so often to take people to new landing pages and new experiences. The sky is the limit! Good luck – Vickie Siculiano

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