History of Symbology and 2D

2DCodeMe is a rather mysterious group of designers, marketers and technology enthusiasts who admit to being obsessed with 2D codes. In their collective wisdom they have produced a number of quite ‘interesting’ professional looking videos, including the one below called History of Symbology and 2D.

2 thoughts on “History of Symbology and 2D”

  1. Hi Roger,

    Thank you for discovering and posting one of our videos, more can be found on our YouTube channel. Our 2DCodeMe website is still in beta testing so we hope that visitors will please be understanding of any glitches or minor errors, we weren’t quite ready to be discovered yet. 🙂

    We will be sending out an official Launch notice in the next couple weeks and will be certain to let you know.

    Also want you to know that we love your site and it’s my own personal home page. It’s wonderful to find other people who are as enthusiastic about this technology as much as we are!

    Thank you,
    Anne Gallagher,

    p.s. As we are still finalizing site, if you or anyone else has comments about it, we’d love to hear, please email me directly at anne@2dcodeme.com. Thanks!

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