A New Retail Technology Using QR Codes

Hointer, a new hi-tech clothing chain opened its first branch in Seattle last month selling men’s jeans using QR Codes. The Hointer store has no till lines, no bewildering piles of clothes and best of all no over zealous sales assistants. One example of each of the 150 styles is displayed in the store and tagged with a QR Code. Shoppers enter their size into the Hointer app and scan the QR Code on their selected item. The information is sent over the Internet to a stockroom robot which finds the item in the correct size and drops it via a chute into one of the store’s dressing rooms. After trying it on if the customer wishes to purchase the item they can put it in a bag, swipe their credit card through a reader and leave the store without any human interaction (video below).

Pair of jeans with QR Code tags

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