Herbal Essences Shelf Talkers

Herbal Essences has launched a retail campaign using Microsoft Tag on in-store shelf talkers (image below). By scanning the Tag shoppers can view detailed descriptions of each hair care collection that corresponds to their hair type. Customers can also take a quiz about their hair type, view product reviews and view YouTube videos with tips on hair styling. Herbal Essences say that the campaign will appear in more than 53,000 stores.

Herbal Essences shelf talker
Herbal Essences mobile site

4 thoughts on “Herbal Essences Shelf Talkers”

  1. Nice, pretty, but it looks data/text heavy?

    Reading comprehension studies on mobile devices indicates that there is a massive decline in reading comprehension compared to online (which is worse than print).

    Unfortunately, this looks like recycled content from an online site that’s been squished down to fit on mobile, but, would be very hard to read or navigate through.

    I’d question the premise that these are shelf “talkers.” That phrase implies conversation. This looks more like a data dump than a conversation?

  2. I agree, Diane. What about adding a bounce-back coupon, or capture the email/contact info of the person scanning? That would definitely give the mfr. the opportunity to continue the conversation……

  3. You’d be surprised though how involved the people are who are looking for info on shampoo/beauty products. They actually want a lot of information on the products, especially user reviews. It’s funny because those people will sit and read the back of every bottle in the aisle! Agree there is a lot of info, but it kind of makes sense in this case.

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