QR Code Campaign Produces 600,000+ Scans

I have been talking with Troy Brown, President of digital agency one50one.com about the phenomenal success of the recent Hennessy QR Code campaign. In July Hennessy launched a limited edition Cognac in individually numbered bottles decorated with artwork by New York artist and designer Kaws. The bottle and the international press release included a designer QR Code (image below) that resolves to a mobile site with more information including a video of Kaws on a visit to Cognac, France.

To date the micro site has been accessed 1.3m+ times from the US, Canada, Brazil, China, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, and Australia, with over 600k+ of them via the QR Code. Troy shared another interesting statistic on the breakdown by device of the QR Code scans which I have reproduced on the chart below.

Hennessy designer QR Code and chart of scanning devices

3 thoughts on “QR Code Campaign Produces 600,000+ Scans”

  1. Consider me highly skeptical. “Limited Edition” + “more information” does not equal 600K.
    Perhaps this is what it takes to actually get a consumer to scan – alcohol.

  2. Very interesting article. QR code fail badly in some markets yet thrive big time in others. Could it be because they are around the bottle while they are drinking? Hmmm?

  3. An interesting stat would have been… “where were the codes scanned?” with a breakdown by country.

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