Heineken QR Code Stickers

Heineken introduced its new brand message ‘Open Your World’ at this year’s Heineken Open’er Music Festival in Gdynia, Poland. Agency Leo Burnett created the Heineken U-Code, a QR Code sticker that carried the users personal message and anyone attending the festival could make one in the specially constructed Heineken digital tent. It transpired that creating and scanning a U-Code was a great excuse for people to approach someone new and make friends at the festival (video below).

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  1. Great to see this video! I really believe in power of QR codes at events. We have made a couple of events with QR as well with good results. But we use our preprinted Taggisars and then store the personal submitted infornation on the server side instead. Much easier logistics than printing one by one. The user store his personal information first time he/she scan a Taggisar. Next scan of the Taggisar show the info/message. Since the server side is involved you can monitor and display the interactivity among the people.

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