Heineken Goes for ScanLife EZcode

ScanLife codes have been placed on all packaging for Heineken and Heineken Light across the United States for the Summer season (image below). The code resolves to a mobile site where iPhone, Android or BlackBerry users can download free apps from Heineken, including Music Challenge for trivia and Taxi Magic which helps find a taxi.

Heineken six packs with Ezcode
Heineken mobile website for EZcodes

7 thoughts on “Heineken Goes for ScanLife EZcode”

  1. I really like the taxi option. clever.

    Interesting that it downloads an app, rather then using mobile web?

    What are the advantages of going that route? Is it so that you can use your itunes?

    Thanks for posting. Makes me thirsty

  2. I’m sure it’s still using the web. The landing page is web based with links to the app downloads depending on your phone.

    All simple on Tappinn

  3. I think if Heineken knew they were using closed codes they may have shyed away from this promotion.

  4. It appears the audience, in this case, is the iphone. I am a proponent of mobile web and multi-formatted media served intelligently. Still, Heineken is a great Brand and vehicle to help create a tipping point for integrated marketing using 2D Barcodes. Opportunities to reach a much larger audience were missed on the mobile side by not making the experience more accessable, but I think Scanlife did a great job with the integration and call-to-action.

  5. proprietary EZcodes aren’t cool. In fact, I hate them. I’m sure once this gets out everyone will say “Heineken is using QR codes” too. Grrrr

  6. Great point, Philip. My problem comes when people try to scan EZ codes with QR codes readers like Neo, Quickmark, shopsavvy, mobiletag and iCandy and aren’t able to read them causing major confusion about QR codes.

    This will all work itself out over time. Open wins

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