QR Code on the World’s Largest HDTV

Dick’s Sporting Goods launched their new mobile site at the BYU Cougars v Oklahoma game at the Cowboys’ Stadium recently. The largest HDTV screen in the world was used to display QR Codes and the message “Dick’s Has gone Mobile”. (Image below).

QR Code ad on the largest HDTV in the world

3 thoughts on “QR Code on the World’s Largest HDTV”

  1. That would seem to give the recipient some useful intel, i.e. smart phone numbers that could then be sold and marketed to.

  2. The billboard asks to email a picture of the code only if your phone does not have a QR code reader. It’s smart and good marketing. A few years ago not everyone knew what QR codes were, let alone had readers for their smartphone. Why would they want to limit themselves to people with smartphones and QR code readers when nearly everyone has at least a simple mobile phone with a camera.

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