QR Code on Harrods Poster

QR Codes are being used in a Harrods poster (see full post for image) to advertise their Design Icons exhibition. Leaflets and posters containing the code are being distributed to students at art, design and architectural schools in London. The QR Code decodes to a TinyURL which takes you to a mobile site with more information about the event and a competition.

Harrods poster with QR Code

6 thoughts on “QR Code on Harrods Poster”

  1. I think the tunyurl is used because it contains less characters than the uk-9 one (the link doesn’t take you through to the main domain page, but a sub page). Also, the less characters on the QR code make the code more readable in wobbly cicumstances, lower megapixel cameras etc. Yes, you are very right, they could have put the mobile page as uk-9.co.uk/index.htm and that would have saved more characters. Maybe they didn’t want to make the page easily accessible? Still, good that Harrods are trying new stuff, hope that others catch on.

  2. why are they using QR code, when datamatrix seems to be the universal one outside of Japan…

    Nokia Nseries now come installed or with available reader download packages for datamatrix; so why introduce QR codes in London, when the limited people with mobile readers, are operating off datamatrix?

  3. hi,

    Im a student studying qr codes for my dissertation and was wondering where you where you got this harrods qr code poster from. I cant find any links to it on the internet. Please help! Thanks

  4. It was two years ago and I don’t remember, I think it came from a London Art College. Try calling the number on the poster or call the Design Museum.

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