HarperCollins Switch from QR Code to Datamatrix Code

Having put a QR Code on the back cover of L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad in June HarperCollins have now switched to a Datamatrix code for their latest teen novel in the Amanda Project series. QMCodes are again working with HarperCollins on this project and I am hoping the CEO Antony McGregor Dey will drop by and tell us why? The Datamatrix code resolves to a mobile site with details of the project.

Back cover of the new Harpercollins teen novel

1 thought on “HarperCollins Switch from QR Code to Datamatrix Code”

  1. Hey Roger,

    Thanks for the post on The Amanda Project, we are all pretty excited about this title. It’s a web/book hybrid project and we’re expecting it to do great things for the publishing industry.

    In regards to the subtle switch between QR & Datamatrix this is mainly due to information we’ve recieved at a carrier level in the USA as to which format will be supported long term. The Datamatrix format is still an open standard & widely supported but it has a smaller footprint compared to QR & has a higher successful scan rate in lower end handsets.

    Hope that answers your question and keep up the great coverage of the 2D barcode space, we’ll have some new announcements for you soon.


    Antony McGregor Dey

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