Global Growth in Mobile Barcode Usage

PRESS RELEASE – 3GVision – Jan 5, 2011 (Reproduced in full)

Top 10 users of mobile barcodes during Q4/2010

1. (2) United States
2. (1) Italy
3. (3) Germany
4. (10) Hong Kong
5. (7) France
6. (15) Canada
7. (5) United Kingdom
8. (6) Netherlands
9. (4) Thailand
10. (11) South Korea
() – Position in Q3/2010

Top 5 growing countries for Q4/2010

1. Canada (442% Growth over Q3/2010)
2. Hong Kong (399%)
3. Germany (262%)
4. Norway (146%)
5. South Korea (142%)

Global growth in mobile barcode usage Q4/2009 – Q4/2010

Global growth in mobile barcode usage

Worth noting:

  • For the first time, the US has become the largest country in terms of absolute number of scans
  • Stellar growth in Hong King and Canada. Germany’s strong growth will likely surpass Italy’s no. 2 position in coming months
  • Signs of exponential growth when comparing growth of Q4/Q3 (83%) to that of Q3/Q2 (34%) and Q2/Q1 (13%)
  • Although this report highlights the very best performers of Q4, please note that also the countries that are ranked in lower positions compared to Q3, still show significant growth!

Notes on reporting methodology:

  • These reports are based on the total number of QRcode, Datamatrix and UPC/EAN scans recorded by the i-nigma system during the relevant periods. Because of i-nigma’s worldwide prominence, we believe that these numbers are likely to be indicative of global mobile barcode activity
  • The reports do not include activity in Japan, which is known to be well ahead in popularity and usage of mobile barcodes
  • For better representation of global open market trends, the reports specifically exclude activity from i-nigma-based solutions that are used by our vertical customers
  • Top 5 growing countries are from the top 20 countries in mobile barcodes usage during Q4

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  1. I’ve been searching the net for QR Statistics that point toward a deomographics. Age, Gender, Education and so on. I’d appreciate any information on this. It doesn’t appear as if any studies on demographics has been published. By the way, your blog is very interesting and has good information, better than most! Thanks,Bill

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