Google Video Oversight

Google’s “We’re a Favorite Place on Google” video is a subtle test of observation skills. The video centers around the Kasa Indian Eatery on18th Street, San Francisco and the receipt of their Google’s favorite place decal. The decal should have a QR Code like the one below which resolves to Kasa’s Places Page.

Kasa Indian Restaurant QR Code resolving to Google's Favorite PlacesKasa Indian Eatery's entry on Google's Favourite Places

Here is the video, observe closely….


Consider your observational skills very good if you noticed that when the envelope is opened the QR Code on the decal is incorrect and resolves not to the Kasa restaurant but to Sweetgreen’s Restaurant, on M St NW, Washington, DC.

Video still showing the decal QR CodeSweetgreen's Google Places entry

Consider your observational skills outstanding if you also noticed that the QR Code on the decal being stuck to the window is again incorrect and resolves not to the Kasa restaurant but to Tarrytown House Estate & Conference Center, Tarrytown, NY.

Video still showing decal being stuck on the windowTarrytown House Estate Google places entry

In fact the correct QR Code does not appear anywhere in the video, quite an achievement really when you come to think about it….

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