Google QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Google’s I/O developer conference takes place this week at the Moscone Center, San Francisco and includes a competitive scavenger hunt with QR Codes appearing on badges, in session slides and on various landmarks around the conference.

Google scavenger hunt at the Moscone Center

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3 thoughts on “Google QR Code Scavenger Hunt”

  1. What information would the qr codes contain?

    How would the individual be identified in the scavenger hunt?

    Would the code contain a web address and the hunter would have to provide his/her username on that web page to be credited the points?

  2. The QR codes on attendees name tags had their contact info and a link to the Google IO website. The contact info could be added to your GMail account and visiting the website you were prompted to log into Friend Connect which kept track of points.

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