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UPDATE: Google have concluded their experiment in smartphone login and visitors to the ‘sesame’ page now see the following message…
Google message concluding their experiment

Google log in screen on smartphoneDo you sometimes worry that your Google account may be compromised when you log in via a public terminal, a client’s network or an unfamiliar PC? After all there is a plethora of keylogging software available and someone must be putting it to use. Google is now using QR Codes to enable users to access their account securely using their smartphone and without entering their email and password.

This method assumes that you are logged into your Google account on your smartphone. When confronted with an unfamiliar terminal you go to which will show a unique QR Code. Scan the code with your smartphone and it will resolve to a screen with your account name, a warning notice and the option to proceed to Gmail or iGoogle (image left). Tap either and the QR Code displayed on the terminal will be replaced as if by magic with your accounts Gmail or iGoogle page.


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  1. This is a pretty cool use of QR code. I can see myself using this. I’m using Googles two factor auth at the moment but it would be great to be able to use a system like this instead.

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