Google Nexus One QR Code Revealed

The first batch of Google’s Nexus One phones have a QR Code on the back, normally photographed taped over. The image below shows the QR Code without the masking tape and it decodes as If you are accessing the url with the Nexus One you will see a new version of the classic game “Memory”. User agent detection will redirect you a “Meet Android 2.0” page if you use a non-compatible device (like a PC!).

QR Code on Google's Nexus One phoneNexus One screenshot

1 thought on “Google Nexus One QR Code Revealed”

  1. a stupid google game – lol what a waste you think it could link to something interesting.

    i was hoping that they finally built webservers into the android platform and the qr code lead to the webserver running on that particular handset (eg all the qr codes were customised to a unique identifier which lead to a style dns platform which lead to the handset)

    …..if you know anyone at google in the android division please feel free to pass my idea along and send them my address for a demo unit.

    lets face it – it’s almost been 5 years since the savage gsm handset was deployed with on handset webserver capability.

    (but hey google if a memory game is the best you could come up with feel free to hire me to help you out next time).

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