Google Maps QR Code Mashups

First a Google Map, Google Chart, Google static map and Tiny URL mash up from Abava at Coldtags Suite. With QR Map you center the map so that the pointer is on your location, set the scale and then click on the mail icon at the top of the map. I centered the map at the Museum of Natural History on 81st Street and my email client sent the following message “You can see this map at: (40.781873763721414,-73.97176265716553)”. The Tiny URL redirects to a Google Chart Server API generated QR Code. The QR Code decodes as a Google 240 x 320 staticmap for mobiles.

QR Map
QR Map generated QR CodeQR Map static map for mobile display

The second is from Will over at and is a mashup of Google Maps, QR Code and Yelp. As you move the pointer over the map to select your location, the QR Code changes. Again I set the pointer at the Museum of Natural History on 81st Street, the ‘Restaurants near here’ QR Code decodes as which redirects to the relevant Yelp Mobile page.

Yelp QR Code MapYelp on the mobile

We reported on Ventipix QR Code Mapplet on Google Maps back in June.

4 thoughts on “Google Maps QR Code Mashups”

  1. This looks really interesting; I think QRCodes could prove to be a really useful way to extract data from a map to a mobile device, especially coordinates which could be hard to remember? Good Post.


  2. Glad Google are realising the possibilities with codes – but they could be doing a whole lot more than the ‘linking’ that are wowing you re maps etc.

    Codes with Mobile Interaction given the right system can done all the James Bond stuff but, can also provide cross media applications (on screen and on any printed surface) and provide numerous business solutions too. Go to and find out more – and PS – Google want to really use these codes to best effect, be delighted to discuss!

    Mark Hendriksen
    UpCode Mobile Solutions

    Download a QR/DataMatrix Reader for FREE at the website above (for compatible phone models)

  3. It’s kinda killing me right now that you can’t go off-road with your coordinates. E.g., if you enter the following coordinates directly into google maps –

    (42.32881482147021, -83.66921424865723)

    (not that you should feel compelled to bother – you can take my word for it 😉

    – you’ll see that the marker is in the middle of a swamp. However, if you enter the same coordinates into one of the QR code generators (any of them, actually, as far as I can tell) the marker is placed at the nearest street address.

    So if I were some weirdo who was trying to give someone QR scannable directions from that street address to that spot in the swamp (don’t ask – and no, that is not where the bodies/money/drugs are), I’d be up a creek.

  4. All of which is to say that there seriously needs to be a Hippy Hiker – QR code mashup, dudes.

    Er, except there’s usually no signal for hikers who get that lost.

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