QR Codes On Google Earth

QR Code in Charlotte NC on Google EarthIf you put these coordinates into Google maps +35° 15′ 9.88″, -80° 47′ 51.70″ and zoom in a few times you will see the QR Code on the roof of scrap metal recycler Southern Resources in Charlotte, NC (image left). Hackerspace Charlotte did the paint job and we reported the work in progress back in October, 2011 (QR Code world record attempt). Guinness World Records did eventually ratify the QR Code as the world’s largest* and now as an added bonus it has become the first scannable QR Code to appear on Google Earth.

QR Code driveway on Google mapsEric Rice was actually the first to have a QR Code show up on Google Earth (image left) in September 2010 but unfortunately it was not really scannable. His QR Code driveway was only partially completed when the image was taken.

In October 2011 quite a few people were duped (including Mashable) by a press release from Phillips & Company when they announced, in their words “…a new marketing service that enables any business to transform its rooftop into a billboard by integrating a QR code into the physical site”. The QR Code on their office roof in Austin, Texas never existed and the image accompanying the press release was clearly photoshopped (image below). Notice how the highway traffic is the same in both images.

Photoshopped QR Code on Google Earth

One to watch for is the new QR Code on Facebook’s Campus Roof which should show up on Google Earth at +37° 29′ 4.22″, -122° 8′ 50.55″ later in the year. It will be interesting to see if it is scannable or not as it has been placed very close to a parapet wall.

*The Southern Resources QR Code is not as large as Air Fest’s February 2012 construction and watch out soon for a new world record attempt in Toronto, Canada.

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