Striking QR Code Wine Label

The Jidvei Winery located in the historic wine region of Târnave, Transylvania has created a striking QR Code label for its new product. The new wine and label is designed to appeal to clubbers and drinkers in low light surroundings. It is hoped that the labyrinth gold foil label design, silk screened with ultraviolet ink, will standout among the much shinier presence of beer, liqueurs and other spirits. The grape varieties used are coded in the central part of the label as FR + MO +SB. The gold and black QR Code on the back resolves to a mobile site that explains that the wine is a blend of Feteasca Regala, Muscat Ottonel and Sauvignon Blanc.

Wine bottle with a black and gold QR Code label

3 thoughts on “Striking QR Code Wine Label”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Roger. What an awesome example QR Code usage! I love the contrast as deals with the low lighting conditions under which this QR Code will likely be scanned (as you pointed out). The only thing I’d do differently is put some engagement features on the mobile site itself. Did you have a chance to see this bottle in person? I’d love to hear what else you’d do differently in their QR Code execution.

  2. @Mike I haven’t seen the bottle in person but I agree with you, the label is much better than the destination 🙂

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