Global Growth in Barcode Usage

There is such a lot of interesting data here so I have posted 3GVision‘s press release in full.
PRESS RELEASE – 3GVision – Feb 11, 2011

Usage of mobile barcodes will continue its exceptional growth also during 2011, looking at January as an indication.

Top 10 users of mobile barcodes during Jan/2011

(1) 1. United States 
(3) 2. Italy 
(2) 3. Germany 
(5) 4. Canada 
(8) 5. Netherlands 
(7) 6. United Kingdom 
(6) 7. France 
(4) 8. Hong Kong 
(9) 9. South Korea 
(10) 10. Thailand 
() – Position in Q3/2010 

Top 5 growing countries for Jan/2011

1. Netherlands (55.1% Growth over Dec/2010)
2. United States (53.6%)
3. United Kingdom (36.0%)
4. Czech Republic (31.2%)
5. Poland (28.7%)
Global growth in mobile barcode usage Jul/2010 – Jan/2011

Global growth in mobile barcode usage July 2010 to January 2011

(basis: Jul/10 = 100)

Worth noting:
– Monthly worldwide usage in January grew by 14.6% compared to December 2010 and by 201% (!) compared to July 2010
– The US continues its remarkable growth of 53.6%
– The Netherlands are top growing country for the second month, with 55.1% growth in January compared to December – after 47.4% growth over November

Notes on reporting methodology:
– These reports are based on the total number of QRcode, Datamatrix and UPC/EAN scans recorded by the i-nigma system during the relevant periods. Because of i-nigma’s prominence in many markets worldwide, we believe that these numbers are likely to be indicative of global mobile barcode activity
– The reports do not include activity in Japan, which is known to be well ahead in popularity and usage of mobile barcodes
– For better representation of global open market trends, the reports specifically exclude the activity of i-nigma-based solutions that are used by our vertical customers
– Top 5 growing countries are from the top 20 countries in mobile barcodes usage during Jan/2011

4 thoughts on “Global Growth in Barcode Usage”

  1. I can speak directly to the situation in Thailand which is in tenth position on the first list.

    Yes, there has been a noticeable growth in visibility of QR codes (and almost no Microsoft codes or other 2D formats).

    You might see two different QR-based campaigns in an average day around town versus one per week a year ago.

    However the implementations have been sadly and often hilariously bad.

    – Almost without exception the QR codes have been linked to non-mobile sites.

    – In several instances the “campaign” is simply a QR code pointing to a Facebook page.

    – In one horrible example, the QR leads to a page which is clearly a marketing brochure cut into image slices with Photoshop and completely non-interactive.

    The sad part is that these are mostly large companies who should certainly have the budget to do it right. Without naming names: a major retailer, a global motorcycle company, a fast-food giant, a high-profile public transportation authority and two pre-eminent leaders in health services.

  2. And totally agree with the shocking use behind QR codes. I have even seen big brands ignoring the rules on size of codes on adverts…some are so small…there’s no point having them there

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