Global Growth in Mobile Barcode Usage Q3/2011

Interesting data in this press release from 3GVision August, 2011 (reproduced below).

Highlights and remarks for this month’s report:

  • Worldwide usage on growth path: Q3/2011 growing by 20.0% over Q2/2011, with daily scans coming from 141 different countries around the world
  • Barcode usage in North America continues to expand in Q3 with 42.1% growth in the USA and 35.1% growth in Canada compared to Q2/2011
  • QR Code activity in the Spain and Australia showed a significant growth in Q3 of 66.5%, and 50.9% respectively over Q2/2011
  • In the Czech Republic, the continues activity of our partners Seznam ( ) to promote QR Codes resulted a 65.6% growth in Q3 compared to Q2/2011

Top 10 users of mobile barcodes during Q3/2011

(1) 1. United States
(2) 2. Germany
(5) 3. Canada
(3) 4. UK
(4) 5. Italy
(6) 6. Netherlands
(7) 7. France
(9) 8. Spain
(10) 9. Australia
(8) 10. Hong Kong

() – Position in Q2/2011

Top 5 growing countries for Q3/2011

1. Czech Republic (66.5 % Growth over Q2/2011)
2. Spain (65.6 %)
3. Australia (50.9 %)
4. USA (42.1%)
5. Canada (35.1%)

Growth in mobile barcode usage since Q4 2009

Notes on reporting methodology:

  • These reports are based on the total number of QR Code, Datamatrix and UPC/EAN scans recorded by the inigma system during the relevant periods. Because of inigma’s prominence in many markets worldwide, we believe that these numbers are likely to be indicative of global mobile barcode activity
  • The reports do not include activity in Japan, which is known to be well ahead in popularity and usage of mobile barcodes
  • For better representation of global open market trends, the reports specifically exclude the activity of inigma based solutions that are used by our vertical customers
  • Top 5 growing countries are from the top 20 countries in mobile barcodes usage during Q3/2011

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