QR-JAM MAKER ver.1.02

Dr. Manabu Hagiwara, a mathematician at the Japanese Research Center for Information Security (RCIS), which is a part of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), has released a free downloadable QR Code generator called QR-JAM MAKER ver.1.02 (screenshots below). It produces distinctive QR Codes with an image down a bar in the middle of the code. Different images can be selected from a menu and output can be small, medium or large, in .bmp or .jpg format. Color can also be selected although there are some limitations on the encoded string. I download and played with this for a while and had some difficulty reading the QR Codes.

I contacted Dr. Hagiwara and sent him an example of a code that would not scan with some readers. He told me that he had no difficulty in scanning the code and that the fault must be with the scanning software. I have reproduced that particular code below, please try to scan it and then leave a comment saying what you used and if the scan was succesful (or not).

A screenshot of the program in use


Can you scan this QR Code

38 thoughts on “QR-JAM MAKER ver.1.02”

  1. ixMAT on android …works
    NeoReader on android works

    shopsavvy on android works…

    thanks Roger…

    can you get the fine Dr. to make
    the api/sdk zip in english/ascii ?


  2. @steve epstein @Pete Wassell Dr. Hagiwara tells me that he would like to provide an English version with an API/SDK but is unable to do so at the moment. He also said that he hopes that corporations will contact his institute for cooperative research and development.

  3. @pete @phillip @steve epstein

    I was able to run it in Japanese. I was getting a lot of strange dingbats and squares, but it runs fine.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I am running the exe file in parallels.

    Patrick Donnelly

    ps. this is very exciting!

  4. Couldnt scan it using Upcode reader on iphone but worked with same reader on a Nokia 5800 (but this is a great handset for 2D codes)
    Tried with inigma and worked very well.

    has anyone got experience of the Upcode reader platform??

  5. Interesting, my DROID scanned ok with Barcode reader, IxMAT, ShopSavvy, Mobiletag and NeoReader. But Scanlife and iNigma failed.

    On my PC using a webcam, Quickmark read it just fine, but failed using the onscreen reader. EZCodes webcam reader worked as well.

  6. I thought I would try the new reader from the creators of QR codes, Denso-Wave, as well as some other less known readers.

    Using iPhone 3g

    QRdeCODE – yes
    quiQR – yes
    iRobin – yes
    ScanMee – yes
    Mobiletag – yes
    2D Sense – yes
    Optiscan – yes
    BeeTagg Pro – no

  7. neoreader yes but gives an error on going through
    beetag no
    upcode yes
    ingima yes
    quickmark yes

  8. I coud scan with QR Scanner on iPhone 4/IOS 4.1, but some other software failed. It should be the software problem.

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