Winemaker’s Fun QR Code Label

This QR Code campaign from Oregon winemaker R.Stuart & Co has some nice features. Bottles of their Big Fire 2010 vintage range have a QR Code label with the tag line ‘Show, Tell – Win!’ (image below). The QR Code resolves to a spoof video (below) of the opening scene from the movie Chariots of Fire and there is a link to the “Me and My Big Fire” photo and video contest where you can share your Big Fire moment and win prizes. It’s all good fun and clever in the way that the engagement is synchronized to the offering, after all what better time to take a silly picture or video than when consuming wine. Winemakers thinking of placing labels on their bottles with a QR Code that resolves to pretentious tasting notes or images of French peasants treading grapes should perhaps think again.

Wine bottle QR Code label

4 thoughts on “Winemaker’s Fun QR Code Label”

  1. El Jefe — your first mistake is linking your code to your web site. These need to be linked to mobile-formatted sites. Mobile device users scanning tags are “hunters” seeking info, not “surfers” just browsers the net hoping to find something. Also, provide content that’s relevant to what they are passionate about, not just info about your brand.

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