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A Fred Perry QR Code print ad has been running recently in various US, UK and European publications. The ad (image below) is for a ‘Submit Your Video Competition’ with a £5000 prize, VIP film tickets and the chance to appear in a documentary by film director Don Letts. Fans are being asked asked to submit video footage from 1952 onwards of British subcultures such as Mods, Skinheads, Punks etc. The QR Code uses a URL that redirects to a mobilized competition page and you can see the stats here. The URL has been used before and is a good example of how if you want to, you can keep everything the same and just vary the content.

Fred Perry QR Code advertisement

4 thoughts on “Fred Perry QR Code”

  1. For some reason the QR code took me to the standard non-mobilized site. I am not sure if this was an error. I am a huge proponent of using QR codes when implemented properly. Mobile landing pages are a must. Love the ad though…

  2. Charlie – The server detects if you are accessing the site with a desktop browser or a mobile device and redirects you to the appropriately formatted page. See: User agent

  3. Hey Roger,

    I also scanned it on my phone and got led to a non-mobilized site. I’m using an HTC Evo Shift on Sprint and I scanned it using the SPARQ.ME mobile application. It directed me to the main website (

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