Largest Ever Open Air QR Code Art Project Planned

Artist and designer Frank Haase emailed to say that he is currently busy creating 20 works of QR Code art for the 2010 Landesgartenschau (State Garden Festival) in Hemer, North Germany. Frank has been integrating QR Codes into his paintings for a couple of years now as you can see from the examples below.

A Frank Hase painting the 12 Apostels
A Frank Hase painting Eye
A Frank Hase painting Livni
A Frank Hase painting Midtown Street

One thought on “Largest Ever Open Air QR Code Art Project Planned”

  1. How it works:
    In some cases the codes in the paintings contain text messages, in some cases there are links to websites which show graphics or animations. So the buyer gets a static painting for the wall and also a dynamic and digital part of the work of art for the cell phone. As owner of the linked websites I can modify the content from time to time so that the owner of the painting gets digital surprises.

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