Denso Launches ‘Frame’ QR Code

Denso have announced a new kind of QR Code called ‘Frame QR’. The new code has a blank ‘canvas area’ in the center of the code where images, illustrations, holograms etc., can be placed without affecting scanning and decoding. Frame QR is not compatible with normal QR Codes and requires different software to generate and read the codes. Denso plan to release a cloud service ‘Q platform’ which will include the generation using templates (image below) and decoding functions. A free QR Code reader app for iOS and Android which has the Frame QR reading function will be available as well. The release is due next month.

Example of a Frame QR Code

I am not sure as the purpose of this development and what Denso hope to achieve. QR Codes are widely recognized and can already have embedded logos and images. If a consumer sees a Frame QR in the wild they will scan it with their existing QR Code scanner app, only to find it doesn’t work. Even if there are advantages to the Frame QR I can’t see them replacing the standard QR Code.

Templates for Frame QR Code

1 thought on “Denso Launches ‘Frame’ QR Code”

  1. That’s a real good new that the world market leader evolves in this way, it proves another time that there is a market and needs for this type of frame 2D codes. The “non” retro-compatibility made it become like a sort of proprietary format… maybe a solution for DW to take back hands on a market where they lost control by launching this frame format and proposing a online Q cloud platform to construct it.
    By the way technicaly speaking it does not bring true innovative solutions to QR code’s lacks and it make equal as it was before, specially in target and structure destruction resistance. try to do that with “normal” QR and now frame QR code.

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