For Colored Girls Gets a QR Code

Lionsgate has teamed up with Augme to promote the upcoming movie “For Colored Girls” with a QR Code poster (image below). The QR Code resolves to a mobile site with a trailer, a synopsis, a portrait gallery of the cast and a text reminder for the movie’s November 5 release date. Interestingly it is a negative QR Code in that the normally white modules are black and the normally black modules are red. I suspect there are some readers that will have difficulties with the color reversal and the reduced contrast. Please leave a comment on your experience with the code….

Film poster with a reversed QR Code

10 thoughts on “For Colored Girls Gets a QR Code”

  1. I tried to read the code on my iPhone with few readers
    i-nigma (my favorite) reads it
    MobileTag – reads it
    Scanlife,Neoreader,Redlaser,Scanit,QRReader – All failed.
    Any experience with other readers?

  2. OptiScan, ScanLife, RedLaser, AT&TScanner, BeeTagg, ShopSavvy, MAAD Qr all failed.

    NeoReader, iNigma, did.

  3. BB with Neo, Beetagg, Scanlife, iNigma — All FAILED.

    Not enough contrast and too small.

    Unbelievable that there isn’t some QA or testing in the production process that would catch this? These “creative” efforts almost always fail.

  4. I am seeing a lot of QR Codes being placed at the very bottom of the cut-out displays in the theaters. I am also seeing a lot of low contrast codes coming out – like this one. Designers that are trying to be unique need to remember that, as with most things, part of any good QR Code campaign is common sense.

  5. It’s less common sense and more standards compatible… a lot of barcode reading software is being cheap and not implementing the whole standard… being able to read reversed out codes is part of the QR Code standard. I-nigma works as noted above… that’s because it’s quality software that implements the entire standard.

    In short: blame the reader, don’t blame the designer who is perfectly within the standards lade down by the ISO/IEC 18004:2006 Standard.

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