Embedded Logo and Flash Video QR Codes

Graphics and logos embedded in QR Codes


A.T. Communications in Tokyo have taken embedding logos in a QR Code to a new level. We have reported on the BBC logo and the Adidas logo earlier but A.T’s LogoQ seems to achieve a lot more. All the QR Codes in their original size can be decoded and surprisingly even the animated QR Code below (scroll down) can be decoded as well (to http://www.a-tc.jp/).

5 thoughts on “Embedded Logo and Flash Video QR Codes”

  1. Very surprising to see that decoded. That mean that you could mix codes with logos! Very interesting find!

  2. This is amazing! The animated QR code decoded the **FIRST** time on my 2MP iPhone. Is there some way of getting a copy of this animation so that I can show it to friends and colleagues?

  3. the flash is not visible on ios smartphone.
    you need to capture in video or to decompose each image to build a gif animed version

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