First QR Code in Scotland

The National Galleries of Scotland have been advertising their Andy Warhol exhibition with a poster containing a QR code.

The code when viewed on a QR enabled mobile phone reads

National Galleries of Scotland poster

If you go to the site you will see this:

Bank of Scotland TotalART
Liza Minelli, Andy Warhol (c) Licensed by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc/ARS, New York and DACS London 2007

Win a Warhol Goody Bag

There’s not much time left to see the Bank of Scotland totalArt:Andy Warhol exhibition. This fantastic experience closes on 7 October.

This is your chance to see the largest collection of Andy Warhol work ever exhibited in Scotland. Even now, twenty years after his death, Warhol continues to be one of the most prolific and contentious artists of the 20th century.

Tickets are available to buy at the National Galleries Complex or online at

Get more information on opening times and ticket prices from our information line, just call 0131 332 2266.

Win a Warhol Goody Bag

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