South Africa’s First QR Code

The Sunday Times and The Times of South Africa have been testing QR codes in a joint promotion with Nashua Mobile.

They are inviting readers to take a picture of the front page QR code with the camera on their mobile phones and gain automatic access to a website where they can win a Motorola Z8. The competition requires you to predict the teams and scoreline for the 2007 Rugby World Cup Final.

It is interesting that they have chosen to brand the QR code as “TimesCode” as you can see in the Sunday Times advertisement.

Sunday Times advertisement with QR code.

Reading QR codes with branding logos obviously obscures some of the modules. The Sunday Times QR code is V3 (29 x 29) and with Level H error correction would allow only 35 alphanumeric characters. In fact there are less and it decodes to the url and here below is what you see on your phone on reaching the website.

Linked website image.

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