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The new X-Men movie “X-Men First Class” will be advertised around London, UK using Near Field Communication (NFC) to take mobile users to a trailer or Facebook page via their NFC enabled phones. Proxima are providing the the technology and as far as I know this is the first time that NFC has been used in a public marketing campaign. Here is the press release in full:

Proxama delivers first NFC marketing campaign in UK for new X-Men movie. Date: 23 May 2011

Poster for the X-Men movie The poster campaign features an exclusive movie trailer and a link to the X-Men film’s Facebook ‘like it’ which is accessed by tapping an NFC-enabled smart phone on poster sites around London. Each site has a pre-programmed NFC chip affixed to the rear of the poster.

Last month, Proxama announced that it was collaborating with Nokia on developing NFC-enabled phone applications for the new generation of smartphones and providing the management infrastructure and campaign reporting to support global marketing campaigns; the X-Men campaign is the first delivery of this collaboration that has also been developed in partnership with outdoor media specialist Posterscope, media owner JCDecaux and network operator O2.

The film’s tag line “Witness the moment that will change our world” is apt for this NFC campaign as it marks the first time that NFC has been used in a promotion to the public. It is expected that NFC will be adopted by many brands in forthcoming months who want to deliver effective ‘hyper-local’ marketing campaigns.

For this campaign, Proxama has developed optimized mobile content to ensure that a great brand experience is received by all users. And, via its unique Tag Manager data management tool it is providing the campaign management and reporting, and in-depth analytics. The NFC marketing solution that has resulted from Proxama‘s collaboration with Posterscope and JCDecaux will be suitable for use in outdoor media panels for other advertisers to utilise.

For advertisers and retailers this development offers a hugely valuable new consumer gateway as each poster site becomes a new retail outlet. Retailers and advertisers will gain additional data about consumers, such as consumer location data and shopping history, which in turn will allow for more targeted advertising and greater accountability.

Neil Garner, Founder and CEO of Proxama, said: “It is really rewarding to see NFC technology coming of age with the first public marketing campaign being launched. We have been working on the development of NFC applications for many years and our partnership with Nokia, Posterscope, JC Decaux and O2 will result in customers getting a really engaging X-Men brand experience. NFC offers advertisers greater opportunities to build ‘hyper-local’ promotional campaigns using media-rich, high quality content that can only enhance their relationships with their customers.

James Davies, Director at Hyperspace, Posterscope’s innovation and digital division said: “What is so exciting about this layer of interactivity is its simplicity and the size of the opportunity for generating scale. There are 130,000 commercially available poster sites that can be instantly enabled. For the client the cost of each NFC chip is extremely low and the consumer receives instant fulfilment. The potential application of this technology is immense.”

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  1. It might be pretty early to launch it. I don’t think they gonna have a significant number of scanned. However it is a first try for the movie industry.

    No the first try in the advertising landscape, some companies have already this technology in place, especially in Japan.

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