Fine Wine Label Datamatrix(ed)

While large and well respected agencies in the West have yet to even hear of two dimensional barcodes small businesses are finding ever more ingenious ways to use them in marketing their products. Putting them on a Appellation d’Origine Contrôllée wine bottle for example.

Rémi Lacombe owner of Vignobles Lacombe has not only produced France’s first carbon neutral wine but he has also incorporated a Datamatrix Code on the label. Located about 40 miles North of Bordeaux in Civrac, Château Bessan Ségur is a médoc with a prize winning history, including a Gold Medal in the World Wine Contest in Brussels.

Wine label with a Datamarix Code

2 thoughts on “Fine Wine Label Datamatrix(ed)”

  1. Do you know why they have included the Data Matrix code ?

    Is it for anti-counterfeiting ?

    I tried to decode both the retail 1D barcode and the Data Matrix with no success with my scanner.

  2. @John I assumed that it was for marketing purposes but I may be wrong. I couldn’t decode them either! I guess it’s possible that the label Madame Lacombe sent me is a prototype – I will email her and enquire. – Roger

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