QR Code Campaign for Fat Bastards

Fat Bastard Wines QR Code posters will appear on construction hoardings at multiple locations in Toronto and Vancouver this week. The 32 posters will each have a unique image depicting various kinds of bastards, Yodeling Bastard, Musical Bastard, Vintage Bastard, Snazzy Bastard etc., etc. The QR Code for Vintage Bastard (image below) scans as “Go to www.fatbastardyourself.com to see more Bastards and to upload your own Bastard photo Fat Bastard – A FRENCH WINE, FOR EVERY KIND”. And no I am not making this up 🙂

A QR Code poster for Fat Bastard Wines

1 thought on “QR Code Campaign for Fat Bastards”

  1. Roger:

    In general, Fat Bastard does a great advertising and promoting itself, but why use a code in this campaign? It leads to nothing more than the URL anyway? What’s the value or enhanced experience for the consumer?

    Thanks for sharing.


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