Facebook Roof QR Code Visible From Space

Last March when we broke the story of the QR Code on the roof at Facebook HQ I said that it had been positioned in the corner too close to the SW and SE walls which may make it difficult to scan at certain times of the day and from certain angles. I am pleased to say that the QR Code has now appeared on Google Maps Satellite View (image below) and is perfectly scannable. The code resolves to http://fbco.de which redirects to a not very exciting Facebook page but no doubt the Facebook team will find something more appropriate now that the QR Code has proved to be visible from space. It is not the first QR Code to be seen from space, that honor belongs to Eric Rice (September 2010) but unfortunately his QR Code was not scannable. The first scannable QR Code to be seen on a public satellite image was painted on the roof of scrap metal recycler Southern Resources in Charlotte, NC by Hackerspace Charlotte (April 2012). This post has more information on QR Codes On Google Earth.

Google satellite view of Facebook HQ roof QR Code

To all those sites that regularly copy 2d-code news and never give a link back to the original story – why not enter the holiday spirit and let your readers know that you didn’t discover the news all by yourself 🙂

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