Facebook, QR Codes and Social Search

The news that some Facebook users had seen a couple of extra QR Code related links on their profile page caused a little excitement yesterday. TechCrunch were hyperventilating with a post headed “Facebook Kicks Off Implementation of QR Codes” and the Twittersphere was awash with questions and comments. Some confusion developed as no sooner had Facebook put them up than they took them down again. I emailed the Facebook Press Office and received the following response “We are constantly experimenting with new ideas and products internally. We don’t have anything to announce publicly at this time”.

When/if Facebook do permanently introduce QR Code generation off the page then we can well and truly regard it as the tipping point for QR Codes. Let’s hope their 400 million active users don’t try to generate a QR Code at the same time!

What was interesting about this episode was the flow of traffic to this website as users who are unfamiliar with QR Codes searched the web for more information. Visitors arriving via a Search Engine increased by more than 96% but this was dwarfed by the increase in visitors who arrived from Social Media at 279%.

Does this mean that Social Media is the new search? With the advent of Google Social Search and social media search engines like WhosTalkin and SocialMention my guess is that users are finding these increasingly useful when it comes to researching breaking news.

2 thoughts on “Facebook, QR Codes and Social Search”

  1. I bet they include a QR reader into their app now too. That would be HUGE and they’d be stupid not to do it if they truly are on board with QR.

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